Our Commitment to You

Here at Neath-Afan Gymnastics Club, we recognise that gymnastics is a complex sport. We always promote safe coaching practice to minimise any type of risk. We take health and safety and the well being of our participants very seriously.
Neath-Afan Gymnastics Club follows and recognises the duties it has under the Health and Safety Acts and regulations to ensure the safety and well being of gymnasts, coaches, staff and volunteers/helpers while they are involved in the club.

The main responsibilities we have are:

  • To provide a safe training and competitive environment for gymnasts and coaches through regular risk assessments, thereby minimising risk factors.
  • To ensure that there are correct and adequate arrangements in place in an event of an accident, fire or any other incidents.
  • To ensure all coaches, gymnasts and helpers have the correct training and qualifications for their roles within the club.
  • To ensure that our club is up to date with all new health and safety acts that come into place.
  • To keep all procedures under review to ensure they’re all up to date and to add any additional measures considered necessary. To also have a comment box for any suggestions or queries customers and members might have.

Neath-Afan Gymnastics Club policies relate to:

  • Code of ethics and Code of Conduct for coaches and volunteers, Parents and Gymnastics
  • Protecting the participants in gymnastics
  • All staff and coaches will be suitably screened to ensure that they are suitable to work with children. In our gym, all coaches are DBS Checked
  • The Club and its coaches will have up to date and appropriate level of insurance cover. This insurance is renewed annually.
  • All staff follow accepted good, safe coaching practice at all times.

All coaches and participants are expected to adhere to these policies at all times.

The club will ensure that coaches are suitably trained and qualified to undertake their coaching duties.
A copy of the full health and safety policy is available upon request at reception.


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