Bunny Hops

(3-4 Years)


Help your child to improve their fine motor skills and develop good basic moving patterns whilst having lots of fun at Bunnyhops.

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Here are some of the benefits of our classes:

For Parents:

• Learn more about your child
• Develop the important skill of safe handling and support in playful fun exercise
• Discover how to relax and enjoy your time with your child
• Provides shared discovery time for your child and you
For Toddlers:

• Enjoyment and physical contact
• Enhance sensory and physical communication
• Improve confidence, co-ordination, trust, joy and love
• Develop better posture and range of movement
• Stimulates their minds
• Learning to socialise




For Pre-Schoolers:

• Improve their ABCDs: Agility, Balance, Coordination and Discipline

• Enhance their physical literacy
• Increase confidence and social skills
• Develop core stability and increase range of movement
• encourage a love of physical activity for life
• Prepare them for a life in sport – any sport!

Bunnyhops class (3-4) Years Image
Bunnyhops class (3-4) Years Image 2
Bunnyhops class (3-4) Years Image 3
A fun and personal time for parent and baby to share and discover more about each other.


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