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Membership Classes:

Bunnyhops (walking-2 Years)

Neath Afan Bunnyhop (2-3) Image

Have fun with your child and create the ultimate fun bonding experience with Bunny Hops.

Bunnyhops (3-4 Years)

Neath Afan Bunnyhops (3-4) Image

Help your child to improve their fine motor skills and develop good basic moving patterns whilst having lots of fun at Bunnyhop

Gymnasticz (4-6 Years)

Neath Afan Gymnasticz (4-6) image

Our award winning & gold standard gymnastics classes range from foundation to advanced. Our classes are inclusive for boys and girls of all ages and abilities and encourage a love for physical activity for life.

Gymnasticz (6-8 Years)

Neath Afan Gymnasticx (6-8) Image

Our award winning & gold standard gymnastics classes range from foundation to advanced. Our classes are inclusive for boys and girls of all ages and abilities and help to hone their motor skills and core strength to help set them up for a life in sport. 

Gymnasticz (8+ Years)

Neath Afan Gymnastics (8+) Image

Our award winning & gold standard gymnastics classes range from foundation to advanced. Our classes are inclusive for boys and girls of all ages and abilities and help to develop strength and improve mobility whilst learning many life skills along the way. 

Excape Membership

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The perfect mix of gymnastics, trampolining and parkour blended together to make a truly special class for those children that want a challenge in a fun and social environment.

Trampolining (5+ Years)

Neath Afan Trampolining Class Image


Trampolining classes for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Take your ‘fun bounce’ to a new level, learning how to bounce safely and correctly

No Limits Disability

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Our highly trained couches provide extra support for children of all abilities to enjoy gymnastics and trampolining. Developing confidence and independence. 

Club Ystrad

Neath Afan Club Ystrad Image
  • Saturday morning classes are offered at Maesydderwen Leisure Centre in Ystradgynlais for children aged 5 to 11 years.
  • The same award winning programs modified to suit the facility
  • The same great coaching team
  • Brought close to your home via our ‘Gym in a Van’ outreach program

Drop In Classes:

Funtastix (walking – 4 Years)

Neath Afan Bunnyhops Class Image

Funtastix is our superb open play program for pre-schoolers to explore and have fun within our award winning activity centre. Run, Jump, Roll around the various zones and build upon play development. Most important, have fun!

Excape (8+ Years)

Neath Afan Excape Class Image


The perfect mix of gymnastics, trampolining and parkour blended together to make a truly special class for those children that want a challenge in a fun and social environment.

More Things We Offer:

Gym In A Van

(Community Programme)

Neath Afan Gymnastics Club Ystrad Class Image 1
  • Neath-Afan’s ‘Gym In a Van’ can bring our ‘mini gym’ equipment and amazing coaches to your community schools and pre-school groups
  • From group parties or fun physical activities to physical preparation or specific gymnastics skill development, we have the solution for you!
  • Would your school or playgroup benefit from a visit from our ‘Gym In A Van’? 


Neath Afan Party Image
Why not try something different and hold an awesome birthday party at our activity centre!! Click below to go to our party page and find out what we have to offer.

Activity Centre Competitions

Neath Afan Party Image

Our gymnastics competitions are great fun, improve confidence and independence and help develop life skills that are difficult to experience elsewhere these days. We host competitions twice a year. The aim is for children of all ages and abilities to participate in a challenging event, with pre-determined goals. It is not about the winning or even the taking part. It is about trying to attain their goals through determination and commitment and doing their very best. Every child comes away with a certificate of personal achievement. There will of course also be some winners and losers in terms of the overall presentations, but that is also part of life learning that we aim to prepare them for before the competition.

Holiday Camps

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Our Holiday Camps are super fun, we cater for all ages and abilities and are a great way to keep fit and active even when school is out. We offer a variety of camps during main school holidays, some full days, some half days. If you are already a member of Neath Afan you can book your camps for the next holiday right now via your Team Up App or account and take advantage of your member discounts.

 You aren’t a current member?
No problem, click below to contact us and find out more.


Do I have to have a membership to come?

Our monthly paid classes require an annual membership. But we also offer some drop in classes too. Please visit our Funtastix and eXcape classes.

Can I have a trial first?

We do not provide a trial session but we do offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind for whatever reason within the first 2 weeks of joining.  We understand that it is not always the right choice or the right time for some children to join us.

Can parents watch the classes?

Currently we are following guidelines set by our Governing body.  We do not allow parents/guardians into watch every session, but we have created a programme that once every 4 weeks you will be permitted into our Activity Centre viewing gallery to watch your children.  This information will be circulated to you on joining.  If you do not receive it please contact the office for information.

I am separated from my childs mum/dad and viewing falls on the day they have them. How can you accommodate me to view as only one person is allowed to watch?

If this causes you a problem then please speak with the customer service team who will be able to help find a solution.

Where do we go whilst our child is in their class if it is not our viewing day?

Currently we ask parents to remain on site in the carparks at our premise.  If you do need to leave for any reason and return for their collection we ask you let us know. We ask everyone, whether you stay or not to please ensure all your contact details are up to date on the Team Up system so we can contact you in an emergency.

What do they do in their class?

Each class includes an age appropriate warm up and body preparation, plenty of apparatus time and a fun relaxing cool down.
Children will begin at an age specific point towards the lower level of our learning program. They will work each week on skills to achieve this level.  Our levels program spells out G Y M N A S T I C Z. Children work their way through the levels at the pace most suited to them. 

In every 8 weeks of classes, each child will be assessed on their learning over a period of three weeks. You will be updated during each 8 week block as to their progress via their personal Student training diaries (please make sure they bring them every week). Once a specified number of skills in each level have been satisfactorily achieved you will receive notification of this and have the opportunity to purchase a certificate. Your child will then move on to the next level.

I am bringing my child to a ‘with parent’ class. What should I wear?

Something comfortable and close fitting is ideal. We will ask you to remove your outdoor footwear, so please ensure you have some socks or suitable indoor footwear to keep your feet warm. Please tie back long hair and remove jewellery that is not smooth and flat as it may injure your child or damage our equipment.

What should my child bring with them to class?

Minimal outdoor clothing (please take that away with you), easy to slip on and off footwear, a gym sack with their Student Training Diary, a pen, a spare bobble, plasters to put on newly pierced ears if required, and a soft drink (water or sugar free squash) in a sealed top container (no fizzy or high sugar content drinks please). That is it! Nice and simple.

I've done competitive gymnastic before, how do I join?

If you already have experience in gymnastics and would like to join our competitive teams please contact us via email on:

I don't know what level my child should be at? What should I do?

No problem. Tell us this when you contact us. One of our awesome customer service team members will then ask you the right questions to determine the best options for you and your child.

What does my child need to wear?

Close fitting leggings or shorts and a t-shirt is perfect to start. A light weight over top for ‘warm up’ may be beneficial in the chillier months, but they will get very warm in class. Children participate barefooted, so sliders, flip flops or daps that are easy to remove and put back on are ideal. We have an online store (see the website menu or your Team Up account) where you can purchase some fabulous gymnastics apparel at very reasonable prices once your child is has decided that they love gymnastics (which we are sure they will). Please note that for safety, longer hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed before coming into class.

How many are permitted for viewing week?

Currently we are only permitting 1 adult per gymnast for their allocated viewing session.

What if my child needs the toilet during a session?

We do expect all our independent children in the gym areas to manage the toilet by themselves, but please encourage them to visit the toilet before they start their session.

Where will I collect my child from?

Our Covid safe program currently requires children to enter through the main entrance and exit from a secondary door further along the front of the building. The staff on duty will confirm this with you on drop off.

How do I speak to a coach or staff member?

Current Covid Safe protocols very much limit our ability to manage face to face conversations at end of sessions, so please use the comments spaces in the Student Training Diaries asking us to contact you or you can email us at and highlight it for the staff member or coaches to respond. Or use the contact page on our site. We will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do gymnasts move through classes?

As gymnasts pass a level or become older it is most likely that they will need to move to a different class in order to maximise their learning potential and enable them to move through their levels successfully. This may involve just changing groups with a possible time amendment of 5 to 10 minutes, or it may require them to move to the later class which is usually an hour and a quarter later. If you are requested to move to a later class, please make every effort to enable this to happen, otherwise your child may not be getting the best program for them. The outcomes of this can be boredom, frustration and subsequently falling out of love with gymnastics.

My child has learning difficulties or a disability. Can they still join?

Neath-Afan prides itself on being an inclusive club for all, regardless of ability.
If your chid is under 5 years old, they may attend any of our scheduled ‘with parent’ Bunnyhops classes or daytime FuntastiX. We just ask that let us know about their individual circumstances so that if necessary we can adapt any of our programs accordingly to maximise your child’s enjoyment.
Please bear in mind that in our ‘5 years and over’ main daily program, each class consists of 4 groups and between 6 to 8 children per group, which work in set zones. So it’s quite busy, intense and freedom to use the whole gym is limited.
If your child’s additional needs or disabilities are minor and will not affect their enjoyment and personal achievement, nor distract from the programmed activities of the group, they are welcome to join our main daily program of classes. However, we do ask that you discuss their individual circumstances with our customer service team leader so that we can ensure the selected class is most suitable for them.

However, if their additional needs or physical limitations mean that they flourish better in a quieter environment with less formality, more freedom, smaller coach to child ratios and possibly parental support for confidence or understanding, then we highly recommend our No Limits Gymnastics and Trampolining classes, which are especially planned to suit every individuals personal needs. Please discuss your child’s circumstances with our customer service lead to ensure we maximise the opportunities for them.

If your child has more severe learning difficulties or physical disability, please ask about our fantastic Bouncability program which offer 1:1 trampoline therapy sessions.

If you would like to speak to speak to the them, please contact us on



What Our Families are Saying

Linzi-Jayne Margetson (Parent)

“A Fantastic club with great coaches, my daughter loves attending and making progress. It’s a lovely gymnastics family.”

Rhiannon Toghill (Parent)

“We have been coming to Neath afan since my little girl was 16 weeks, we loved the baby classes and 10 years later Neath Afan have become like family to her. She has made best friends and the confidence it has given her both physically and emotionally amazes us every day!!”

Stacy Baker (Parent)

“A super supportive club which celebrates all achievements, big & small! Neath Afan welcomed us into their family as if we had always been a part of it. Neath Afan Gymnastics Club believes in their gymnasts so that they can believe in themselves. With the support & guidance of Neath Afan Gymnastics Club the sky’s the limit!”