Which class is right for you?

Which class is for you?

Walking to 3 years:
Check out our Hoppers with parents sessions

Confident 3-5 year olds:
Bobtails is for you

Why not try one of our alternative classes for something a bit different?

Funtastix and Bounce – This great open play session now offers the use of trampolines and foam pits at certain times!



Walking – 3 years
Saturday 9am
£6 per session


3 – 5 years

                      Monday 4pm                         Thurs 10.30am / 2pm
Saturday 10am
£28 per month


8  weeks – 7 years

Mon – Tues – Weds – Fri

9.30am – 3:30pm

£4 per session

All sessions with parental supervision!

Here are some of the benefits of our classes:

For Parents:-
• Learn more about your baby
• Develop the important skill of safe handling and support in playful fun exercise
• Discover how to relax and enjoy your time with your baby
• Provides shared discovery time for your baby and you

For Babies:-
• Enjoyment and physical contact
• Enhance sensory and physical communication
• Improve confidence, co-ordination, trust, joy and love
• Develop better posture and range of movement
• Stimulates their minds
• Learning to socialise

For Pre-Schoolers:-
• Improve their ABCDs: Agility, Balance,Coordination andDiscipline
• Enhance their physical literacy
• Increase confidence and social skills
• Develop core stability and increase range of movement
• encourage a love of physical activity for life
• Prepare them for a life in sport – any sport!

A fun and personal time for parent and baby to share and discover more about each other, followed if you wish by a sociable tea or coffee with your new friends in our comfortable parents lounge.  You can also make use of our FREE wifi!